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Selling vs Marketing what should an entrepreneur first do

So selling and marketing what should be the priority of an entrepreneur? so before justanswering this we should first know...
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Part time job is full time experience

Part time job is full time experience. The statement in itself answers your questions ,and theanswer is yes . Part...
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E learning is a medium to spread quality learning to tier 3

E-learning is a medium to spread quality learning to tier 3 ,seems to be a true statement ,thisstatement in itselfis...
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Technology is much needed oxygen for sustainable business ( integration of tech andmanagement)

Just like oxygen is essential for fire to exist similar is the relation of business and tech ,it's avery blunt...
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Skill vs Degree

Skill vs Degree a topic which is on a rise ,but why ,why do we ask this question ?,what is...
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Choosing the right career

How to choose the right career?So let's just know first why we need to think so much about choosing a...
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