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How to choose the right career?
So let’s just know first why we need to think so much about choosing a career after all it’s
just a job which will pay us so that we can pay our bills right . But you see this is not true,
because its not all about money it’s about time as well you just can’t spend your time at a
work which you don’t like .So according to the new labour laws of 2022 a person have to
work 48 hours a week and that will be approx 2000 hours if you work just 42 weeks a year
that makes it about 75000 hours in your 35 years of career that about 9 years of life in this
modern era can you thing of working on something which you don’t like and when you have
so much more to do it’s just you have to be aware about your career and goal in life so now
as you have realised the importance of choosing a right career the question is ,How to do so
? So this is a very important question having multiple answers but I m going to tell you the
easiest one .
Here are some tips on how to choose a right career .
Do what you are good at :so this is a very important point in choosing career because
before choosing any career we must realise the fact about how and why we get paid.so the
answer is simple you get paid by some individual ,organisation ,institution etc when you sell
them some product or service or better to say that when they buy your product or avail your
services because you will be selling anything but no one will buy it if your product or service
is not adding any value to their life you should realise that the consumer do not pay you for
the product or the service they pay you for the experience or convenience that your product
provides if you admit this fact then you will excel in any career and for adding value to your
consumers you must be good at what you are doing you must know all the aspects of your
work and must have the knowledge of how to provide the best experience to your consumer
Do what you like : this is the most important thing that you need to realise that you must do
only what you like you might do something that pays you in the short term but you can’t do it
for very long you will do only what you like ,in the long term and believe me guys you will
excel in the field, if you love your job because you won’t be slauggering through it you will be
pursuing your passion and this will be clearly visible in your work there might be a pool of
things you like and make sure you choose only something from the same pool as your
career .
Do what the consumer needs : so again this is also a factor to be considered you have do
what your consumers asks for what your consumers need some times the service or
product you provide is very good but it’s not what the consumer needs
So you need to be very careful about the fact that what you want to pursue as your career is
even relevant or needed in the market or not or if there is a bright expanding future of the
field in the future you have to be careful that what you want to pursue should not be
something that can be easily copied or automated in this modern era of technology and AI
There is another aspect to this point that sometimes you have an innovative idea of
something which is not introduced yet. It might be a product ,service or a profession but you
can think of creating a need for the product ie changing consumer behaviour
like some years back there was nothing like influencer marketing or maybe eSports was not
that famous in the last decade but today it’s on a boom so do ponder on this point carefully.
Read and analyse every aspect of the profession carefully :you need to think twice
before you decide anything and you have to analyse every possible aspect of the profession
by multiple aspect I mean the upcoming opportunities ,work life balance and place where
you can settle down ,saturation in the field believe me finance is also a point to worry but it’s
the last thing you should worry about because if you are among the best in the field you will
be paid well and you will form an agency or firm regarding your field but for this you must be
the best in your field and must be passionate about your work
So do give all these points a deep thought
And hope these all points will help you choose you a career and may you be happy in your
work and be the best in it
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