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E-learning is a medium to spread quality learning to tier 3 ,seems to be a true statement ,this
statement in itself
is entertaining the concern of more than a billion Indians .
E learning is a revolution for a country like India which caters more than 70 %of it’s
population in tier 3 ,sub urban ,rural or semi rural areas .E learning is one of the best uses of
the internet and is one of the best if not the best revolutionary change in the Education
industry .
E learning in itself is a revolutionary change because it is creating a win win situation for
whole education industry
E learning has solved almost all the problems of the teachers ,investors/ owners and
students in one go . After the internet revolution in 2016 in India this industry is expanding
day by day and there has been no looking back since then .
Effect of E learning on business owners/investors :so E learning has created a great
situation for the owners/investors /management it has reduced the operating cost of the
business as you by reducing the cost of educators , office and classroom renting
,management staff and maintenance now you don’t need a big space and a large number of
teachers and a big staff to run an Education related enterprises you can’t do it all with a
much less cost impacting a much larger customer base .E learning has also reduced the
overall cost of starting a business from scratch and has lead to a lot big audience catering at
a much smaller cost which is making the business more profitable . One of the most
important aspect of E learning on the educational industry is that it has given the freedom to
the management to position there business in the market at a much larger and better place
overall, making the business better and impacting the uncovered tier 3 towns or even more
underdeveloped places .Now the institutions can impact the undeveloped places without
thinking twice about the profitability of business .
Effect of E learning on teachers / educators :E learning has brought better opportunities
for teachers now they can easily teach a lot more students with a lot less effort and
infrastructure ,teachers can teach any number of students and that too independently the
way they want because it’s far more easier to have an online institute than to have an offline
institute it just cost almost nothing . With the concept of e learning being introduced the
number of income streams of teacher has increased and the basic pay of teachers has also
increased enormously with the introduction of E learning .As the teacher caters a much
larger community of students a good teacher can easily become a icon in the field of
learning and use his personal image to build a brand as in case of the 100 unicorn startup of
India Physics Wallah aka Alakh Pandey .
Effect of E learning on students :so this is the best aspect of E learning ,the businessman
were making money even without E learning the teachers were teaching students even
without E learning but the students many students were not able to learn without this E
learning ,
Specially those in the underdeveloped areas like tier 3 cities or even more underdeveloped
areas.They did not had the infrastructure and facilities to learn they did not had the best
quality of education and at last many just could not afford the education many could not cope
up with their schedule many could not go to the offline centers due to safety issues , there
are a lot many reasons to this but all this is useless after the concept of E learning now you
can learn a lot more content ,multiple times ,via multiple teachers at your place with your
comfortable timing at a very less price .
The places where students could not educate themselves due to any reason are the places
which have been impacted the most . E learning has also brought a change in education for
tier2 or tier 1 cities but not as much as in the tier 3 cities .Tier 3 cities are the places where
students want to learn where students are aware of their learning but just could not educate
themselves due to the lack of infrastructure and facilities ,this is what the E learning has
changed in India .
So after all this we have learnt about the positive aspects of E learning but we being the
tellers have to tell you the cons of E learning as well
So even though every field have a some pros and some cons E learning have very less cons
which are like ,
-It increases the screen time of students leading to strain on eyes if not taken care of .
-As of now the teacher-student interaction is limited .
-lack or limited communication of student with peer group .
Even after so many advantages and disadvantages we can not deny the fact that E learning
has changed the education industry for good creating a win-win situation for everyone which
in itself represents a true revolution .
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