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Skill vs Degree a topic which is on a rise ,but why ,why do we ask this question ?,what is the
relevance of this?, why is this in your and everybody’s head ?
So this time the answer is not that simple it’s a little bit complicated it’s very much based on
your career and personal interest and mindset but the basics of this question arises from a
group of people who have a degree but not a job they are not working anywhere or better to
say nobody is hiring them and what they realise after multiple rejection is that they lack the
real skills what you need in the industry they feel a gap between there academia and
industry needs and after a lot of hard work and slaugering even if they get a job they realise
that it’s only what the after college efforts got them here and not the college and they
develop a very strong mindset that college is unnecessary and it’s of no use to waste money
and time on these institutions but this is only one aspect of this now let’s see the second
aspect of this
As I said earlier you need a degree or not or it will be just your skills needs a very
personalised answer .Suppose you want to be a doctor and you are really passionate about
it and have all the qualities of a doctor would you be able to practice with all this even you
have the knowledge of medicine even if you know the art of healing you can’t be a doctor
without a degree it’s very simple now you might say why do we need a degree we can be a
doctor on our own and even if you want to test us you might start a certification program and
we will prove our skill there but my friend this is not how it’s done you have to get a degree in
some cases of because it’s very much necessary .Now you might say it’s just useless but
before judging let’s just dive deep into the philosophy of origin of college and degree.
Why were colleges built and what are colleges ?
So colleges are higher educational institutions built with a thought of training and teaching
people and building a group of experts in a particular field they have to study there and learn
about the subject and to prove that they have learnt what is tought to then they have to pass
exam and get a degree as a proof of their education.
So the concept of colleges was introduced to educate people but if a degree proves your
knowledge and proves the fact that you have learnt what you have been taught then why are
people not getting jobs ?
So a this is due to many reasons
Saturation in jobs : this is a very big factor in not getting a job because there are a lot of
people fighting for the same job and it’s not only about the number it’s about the job and
place as well because in India may be numbers of people is more than the jobs buts it’s not
always true because there is still a big need of people in blue collar jobs and believe me if
you are good at your work you will earn a lot more in these blue collar jobs .
Gap between your academics and industry needs : this problem has arises due majorly
due to lack of quality educational institutions and these quality institutions being
outnumbered by new poor quality institutions a lot of people have an MBA degree or
B.Tech degree by some tier 3 or tier 4 college but do they have the skill ?No. So you need to
realise what you are studying it in theory you must be able to apply it in your thats where the
role of internships come they teach you how to apply your learnings .
Fast changing market needs :so this is a major factor for those who are from good
educational institutions and know the theory as well as practical application of there skill but
still are not getting a job they need or deserve . So this is solely due to the fast changing
market so you see the market was never like this before after the internet boom every
industry have changed and there’s needs have changed significantly as well in this era of
internet so what these people need to do is to constantly upgrade themselves according to
the market or industry this is called the product market fit that you are delivery what you
client wants .
So after all this hustle bustle and long article you might have understood how the system
works but now what is the conclusion? What do we need to do? So to get the best out of you
must learn the theory as well as practical part of your specialisation it will be good if you get
a degree it will help you and to get the practical experience you can get internships online
and offline in the initial days of your degree so that till the time you graduate you don’t feel
out of industry you will have enough of the knowledge and exposure , so that is the best
possible way to get the best out of you . Hope all this information will help you to become
better in your skill .
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