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Part time job is full time experience. The statement in itself answers your questions ,and the
answer is yes . Part time job is an example of a win-win situation created in the market. It
caters almost all the needs of both the parties i.e. the doer and the employer both of them
get what they want on their terms and conditions so it’s beneficial for both the sides .
So actually what is a part time job and how is this different from a full time job and if it gives
you full time experience then how is this even a part time job it might be a full time job with
less working hours ?
Well that’s not really how it works actually a job is referred to as part time if it has less no of
working hours ie 4-6 hours a day for 4-5 days a week, and this is generally not salary based
you don’t get a payroll it’s more like freelancing you get paid for the amount of work you have
done or the amount of time you have put in ,apart from this another difference between a
part time job and a full time job is that you generally get job with a lower responsibility and a
junior designation .
So even after having so many differences between part time jobs and full time jobs, how can
we say that part time jobs are full time experience and they help you in gaining experience?
So even though there are a lot of differences between a full time job and a part time job but
still working part time has many advantages and helps you in many ways like
Working part time : Part time working helps you do your job or study and simultaneously
earn some money and learn some money or gain some experience .It helps you to pay your
bills and get the show going and you can focus your energy and rest of the time on your
mainstream work without thinking much about money .
Financial freedom : In today’s modern era education and living is not cheap and by working
part time you can definitely manage all your needs and expenses and if everything goes
well then you can also pay your college fees on your own ,working part time helps you get
financially free .
Helps you learn how to manage things :Working part time helps you manage your things
it teaches you how to balance you work with your rest of the life ,it teaches you work life
balance ,it teaches you how to manage your time ,it teaches you how to become efficient in
what you are doing it teaches you to struggle it teaches you to slaugger it teaches you to
communication skills it teaches you how to represent yourself it teaches you how to manage
the money you earn and it teaches you much more it teaches you how to manage yourself
and lead to an overall balanced life and you know mostly we just don’t realise the best part of
working part time ,the best part of working part time is that you can learn all this without
thinking about your mistakes you do in the journey of learning all this because after all you
are working part time and have less responsibility of work and your life as well ,you have
someone better than you working there that can teach you how to do all this with better
efficiency and less mistake sand you can learn from their mistakes.
Experience :This is probably the best part of working part time that you get experience you
learn how things work you learn how the process is planned and executed and the best thing
is that you yourself learn how to execute a command by working on a project maybe you are
working on a smaller project and may be you are on a junior level and maybe you have a
very small role in the project or maybe it’s not even related to what you want to do ,but still
there is a big chance of you learning how a system works and how after so many issues in
daily basis the shows keeps going . And in the starting you must be thinking about relevance
of your work or if you are learning something or not but believe and realise that you have an
upper hand over others and as you are facing the problems early you will be progressing
early and fast in life as compared to others .
Resume and recruitment : Even Though you have worked only part time , this helps you
improve your resume and this is counted in your overall work experience so it helps in your
recruitment and helps you upgrade your job .
So after knowing so many things about part time work and discussing so many aspects you
all must have realised how part time working will help you .
Hope all this knowledge will help you choose the right path and improve you as a person in
whole .
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