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Just like oxygen is essential for fire to exist similar is the relation of business and tech ,it’s a
very blunt truth that you can’t run your business without integration of technology and even if
somehow to achieve to do so you will be doing the work at par below its potential .Without
use of basic technology you can’t even get your business registered you have to do it .
Technology has penetrated every aspect of our life and our businesses are no exception
from registering your business online to buying essentials for your business to having a
surveillance at your business to hiring people to buying domain to making your existence
online to generating sales to accounting to filing taxes to generate feedbacks to analyse data
to everything you need technology you can’t imagine any business or a scaled business
ever existing without the use of any technology in fact you won’t find any step where you are
not using technology in your business it automates things and processes and help you
manage you business much easily with much less effort .
All of you know the conventional uses of technology like in the form of equipments in
manufacturing and then transportation and it’s distribution but in this smart era of internet the
use of technology in managing your business is not just confined to all this now use of
technology is much more to that it is not only helping businesses as hardware but also in the
for of softwares that help you do business with much more ease . So let’s just talk about
some modern day uses of technology that will help your manage and may be further expand
and scaleup your business
-learning business and all it’s aspects :so according to me this is the best use of
technology in business you can learn for anything to everything on internet you can today
which was not possible maybe a decade ago in India now you can literally get the knowledge
of best business schools online you can learn and improve your knowledge about the art of
business you can learn from others mistake and even if you have a business it can help you
scale up your business and now with the help of internet luckily you don’t need to spend a lot
of money and relocate yourself near a business school you can learn anything at any place
and time .
-Hiring workforce and community interaction :this is also a very important aspect of your
work now as you have learned much about business you need to do start your business but
it’s not that easy because what you don’t know how to apply it in your business here comes
the use of internet and technology to help you interact with people similar to you doing the
same work like you and facing similar problem now you can interact with them and discuss
your problem which is a very good thing actually and maybe you can learn from their
mistakes and try to avoid those in your business it will help you a lot.
Technology has also made the hiring part of business very easy you can easily find
individual which are suitable to do your work which are passionate about a particular skill
which can get you the work done of your choice at your own terms . So here with the use of
technology you have hired the talent of your need that will get you the job done the way you
want .
-Getting your projects done : so as an individual you just can’t know everything and
anything regarding a business you just can’t even get everything done by yourself and
maybe you can’t hire paople due to some reason so the how will technology help you
manage your business here ? So this is a very important point when you have just started
the business and don’t have much resources to get all the setup for your work so what would
you do in this condition? Simple if you lack resources of any sort and can’t get them due to
any reason so simply just outsource you work anyone else who have the skill and resources
will get you the job done and you can focus on other parts of your work suppose you are a
content creator and influencer and you don’t know anything about marketing ,influencer
marketing ,video editing ,graphic designing etc you just know what to talk about and how to
talk, and still you want to get started so the easiest way for you is to focus on your particular
skill and get all the rest stuff outsourced a freelancer or a freelancing agency will do the work
for you with your convenience.
So there are a lot more uses to technology as well. We will talk about that someday later but
let’s just first use what we have just learned and manage and grow our business with ease .
Even though there are a lot of things we can do in our business, the biggest thing is to keep
evolving with time getting the best possible solution to your business and constantly
changing with time. This will surely help you get your business to new heights .
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