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So selling and marketing what should be the priority of an entrepreneur? so before just
answering this we should first know what is selling and what is marketing and what is the
difference between them?
So talking about selling first ,selling is actually short term business planning focused on
sellers need, in selling the product gets manufactured first and after manufacturing of
product the customer is identified ,it is more oriented towards generation of sales in volume
and the needs of seller ,and we should understand that seller in itself is an integral part of
marketing and most importantly in selling customers satisfaction is not compulsory ,you only
have a compulsion of generating sales .
Now talking about marketing marketing is very different from selling as it is a long term
business planning that focuses on customer needs and in marketing identification of
customer takes place prior to finalising the product it is more oriented towards customer
satisfaction and profitability ,in marketing we focus more on the need of the buyer and unlike
selling marketing is not a single process but a important and balanced mix of processes like
product pricing ,selling ,promotion ,distribution etc.
So as above we have discussed selling and marketing now we must know and realise the
difference between product selling and marketing and what is suitable for us
So deciding what is best for a entrepreneur selling first or marketing depends on multiple
factors and an entrepreneur should deeply ponder upon all the factors deeply ,some of the
factors are
What is your business model :so it’s really really important to first identify the category in
which your business lies and what is your exact business model (like how you will reach your
customers ).
Talking about the category in which your business lies, like if your business is D2C ( direct to
consumer ) or B2C ( business to consumer) D2C(direct to consumer) C2C(consumer to
consumer) and social commerce .
Once you identify your business’s category then you should have the idea of your exact
business model how everything will go on in your venture and after identifying your exact
business model it will be slightly easy for you to identify your target audience and as you
identify your target audience you should also identify the needs of your target audience ,you
should know what your target audience needs and what is the market offering to the
consumer what is the the gap between the product offered by the market and what is that
the consumer need and what is that you are offering and how can it bridge the gap between
the market and consumer so actually you should know the product market fit ,and as you are
realising the product market fit you should also keep an eye on the market and competitors
that what is the competitor providing and how is that helpful to the consumer and how is
your product different from their product and what is that your competitor is lacking that you
can do .
So each of of those so many factors have to be considered before choosing to sell first or to
market first your product ,at each step of deciding you can easily find startups failing or
startups rising ,like finding a gap between market and and consumer needs you will see that
in the smartphone market how Xiaomi ,Realme ,Oppo ,Vivo etc rose by giving what the
consumer needs and in the same market Gionee ,HTC, Xolo ,spice ,Micromax etc fell down
because the prior startups first identified the consumers needs of cheap and feature loaded
smartphones where as the later startups were focused on manufacturing the phones
according to their ease and this is is the reason of their failure even though after time these
brands tried to make a come back but by giving cheap, reliable,feature loaded phones
maybe even better that the market leaders but could not gather customer trust due to lack of
marketing .
So you see we have just seen a single and very very short case study of the smartphone
market and realised that what is more important to an entrepreneur and we just judged the
businesses on two factors ie consumer needs and consumer’s trust (part of brand value)
,and realised that the startups that failed is because of the lack in product development
,pricing and advertising ,but this is not always the case there are a lot more different
possibilities at every step and a wise entrepreneur will analyse each and every step and the
will make a personalised plan for his product will maybe purely marketing or purely selling or
a mix of both in different proportions (as in case of most startups and ventures)
So after all this ciaos you must have at least realised that there is no sure shot answer to the
question and it totally depends on what your business is and how it works and after all this
you have to decide what goes well with your business.
Hope all this will help you create a great business that will impact lives for good and make
you a better version of yourself a better entrepreneur .
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Part time job is full time experience. The statement in itself answers your questions ,and the
answer is yes . Part time job is an example of a win-win situation created in the market. It
caters almost all the needs of both the parties i.e. the doer and the employer both of them
get what they want on their terms and conditions so it’s beneficial for both the sides .
So actually what is a part time job and how is this different from a full time job and if it gives
you full time experience then how is this even a part time job it might be a full time job with
less working hours ?
Well that’s not really how it works actually a job is referred to as part time if it has less no of
working hours ie 4-6 hours a day for 4-5 days a week, and this is generally not salary based
you don’t get a payroll it’s more like freelancing you get paid for the amount of work you have
done or the amount of time you have put in ,apart from this another difference between a
part time job and a full time job is that you generally get job with a lower responsibility and a
junior designation .
So even after having so many differences between part time jobs and full time jobs, how can
we say that part time jobs are full time experience and they help you in gaining experience?
So even though there are a lot of differences between a full time job and a part time job but
still working part time has many advantages and helps you in many ways like
Working part time : Part time working helps you do your job or study and simultaneously
earn some money and learn some money or gain some experience .It helps you to pay your
bills and get the show going and you can focus your energy and rest of the time on your
mainstream work without thinking much about money .
Financial freedom : In today’s modern era education and living is not cheap and by working
part time you can definitely manage all your needs and expenses and if everything goes
well then you can also pay your college fees on your own ,working part time helps you get
financially free .
Helps you learn how to manage things :Working part time helps you manage your things
it teaches you how to balance you work with your rest of the life ,it teaches you work life
balance ,it teaches you how to manage your time ,it teaches you how to become efficient in
what you are doing it teaches you to struggle it teaches you to slaugger it teaches you to
communication skills it teaches you how to represent yourself it teaches you how to manage
the money you earn and it teaches you much more it teaches you how to manage yourself
and lead to an overall balanced life and you know mostly we just don’t realise the best part of
working part time ,the best part of working part time is that you can learn all this without
thinking about your mistakes you do in the journey of learning all this because after all you
are working part time and have less responsibility of work and your life as well ,you have
someone better than you working there that can teach you how to do all this with better
efficiency and less mistake sand you can learn from their mistakes.
Experience :This is probably the best part of working part time that you get experience you
learn how things work you learn how the process is planned and executed and the best thing
is that you yourself learn how to execute a command by working on a project maybe you are
working on a smaller project and may be you are on a junior level and maybe you have a
very small role in the project or maybe it’s not even related to what you want to do ,but still
there is a big chance of you learning how a system works and how after so many issues in
daily basis the shows keeps going . And in the starting you must be thinking about relevance
of your work or if you are learning something or not but believe and realise that you have an
upper hand over others and as you are facing the problems early you will be progressing
early and fast in life as compared to others .
Resume and recruitment : Even Though you have worked only part time , this helps you
improve your resume and this is counted in your overall work experience so it helps in your
recruitment and helps you upgrade your job .
So after knowing so many things about part time work and discussing so many aspects you
all must have realised how part time working will help you .
Hope all this knowledge will help you choose the right path and improve you as a person in
whole .
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E-learning is a medium to spread quality learning to tier 3 ,seems to be a true statement ,this
statement in itself
is entertaining the concern of more than a billion Indians .
E learning is a revolution for a country like India which caters more than 70 %of it’s
population in tier 3 ,sub urban ,rural or semi rural areas .E learning is one of the best uses of
the internet and is one of the best if not the best revolutionary change in the Education
industry .
E learning in itself is a revolutionary change because it is creating a win win situation for
whole education industry
E learning has solved almost all the problems of the teachers ,investors/ owners and
students in one go . After the internet revolution in 2016 in India this industry is expanding
day by day and there has been no looking back since then .
Effect of E learning on business owners/investors :so E learning has created a great
situation for the owners/investors /management it has reduced the operating cost of the
business as you by reducing the cost of educators , office and classroom renting
,management staff and maintenance now you don’t need a big space and a large number of
teachers and a big staff to run an Education related enterprises you can’t do it all with a
much less cost impacting a much larger customer base .E learning has also reduced the
overall cost of starting a business from scratch and has lead to a lot big audience catering at
a much smaller cost which is making the business more profitable . One of the most
important aspect of E learning on the educational industry is that it has given the freedom to
the management to position there business in the market at a much larger and better place
overall, making the business better and impacting the uncovered tier 3 towns or even more
underdeveloped places .Now the institutions can impact the undeveloped places without
thinking twice about the profitability of business .
Effect of E learning on teachers / educators :E learning has brought better opportunities
for teachers now they can easily teach a lot more students with a lot less effort and
infrastructure ,teachers can teach any number of students and that too independently the
way they want because it’s far more easier to have an online institute than to have an offline
institute it just cost almost nothing . With the concept of e learning being introduced the
number of income streams of teacher has increased and the basic pay of teachers has also
increased enormously with the introduction of E learning .As the teacher caters a much
larger community of students a good teacher can easily become a icon in the field of
learning and use his personal image to build a brand as in case of the 100 unicorn startup of
India Physics Wallah aka Alakh Pandey .
Effect of E learning on students :so this is the best aspect of E learning ,the businessman
were making money even without E learning the teachers were teaching students even
without E learning but the students many students were not able to learn without this E
learning ,
Specially those in the underdeveloped areas like tier 3 cities or even more underdeveloped
areas.They did not had the infrastructure and facilities to learn they did not had the best
quality of education and at last many just could not afford the education many could not cope
up with their schedule many could not go to the offline centers due to safety issues , there
are a lot many reasons to this but all this is useless after the concept of E learning now you
can learn a lot more content ,multiple times ,via multiple teachers at your place with your
comfortable timing at a very less price .
The places where students could not educate themselves due to any reason are the places
which have been impacted the most . E learning has also brought a change in education for
tier2 or tier 1 cities but not as much as in the tier 3 cities .Tier 3 cities are the places where
students want to learn where students are aware of their learning but just could not educate
themselves due to the lack of infrastructure and facilities ,this is what the E learning has
changed in India .
So after all this we have learnt about the positive aspects of E learning but we being the
tellers have to tell you the cons of E learning as well
So even though every field have a some pros and some cons E learning have very less cons
which are like ,
-It increases the screen time of students leading to strain on eyes if not taken care of .
-As of now the teacher-student interaction is limited .
-lack or limited communication of student with peer group .
Even after so many advantages and disadvantages we can not deny the fact that E learning
has changed the education industry for good creating a win-win situation for everyone which
in itself represents a true revolution .
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Just like oxygen is essential for fire to exist similar is the relation of business and tech ,it’s a
very blunt truth that you can’t run your business without integration of technology and even if
somehow to achieve to do so you will be doing the work at par below its potential .Without
use of basic technology you can’t even get your business registered you have to do it .
Technology has penetrated every aspect of our life and our businesses are no exception
from registering your business online to buying essentials for your business to having a
surveillance at your business to hiring people to buying domain to making your existence
online to generating sales to accounting to filing taxes to generate feedbacks to analyse data
to everything you need technology you can’t imagine any business or a scaled business
ever existing without the use of any technology in fact you won’t find any step where you are
not using technology in your business it automates things and processes and help you
manage you business much easily with much less effort .
All of you know the conventional uses of technology like in the form of equipments in
manufacturing and then transportation and it’s distribution but in this smart era of internet the
use of technology in managing your business is not just confined to all this now use of
technology is much more to that it is not only helping businesses as hardware but also in the
for of softwares that help you do business with much more ease . So let’s just talk about
some modern day uses of technology that will help your manage and may be further expand
and scaleup your business
-learning business and all it’s aspects :so according to me this is the best use of
technology in business you can learn for anything to everything on internet you can today
which was not possible maybe a decade ago in India now you can literally get the knowledge
of best business schools online you can learn and improve your knowledge about the art of
business you can learn from others mistake and even if you have a business it can help you
scale up your business and now with the help of internet luckily you don’t need to spend a lot
of money and relocate yourself near a business school you can learn anything at any place
and time .
-Hiring workforce and community interaction :this is also a very important aspect of your
work now as you have learned much about business you need to do start your business but
it’s not that easy because what you don’t know how to apply it in your business here comes
the use of internet and technology to help you interact with people similar to you doing the
same work like you and facing similar problem now you can interact with them and discuss
your problem which is a very good thing actually and maybe you can learn from their
mistakes and try to avoid those in your business it will help you a lot.
Technology has also made the hiring part of business very easy you can easily find
individual which are suitable to do your work which are passionate about a particular skill
which can get you the work done of your choice at your own terms . So here with the use of
technology you have hired the talent of your need that will get you the job done the way you
want .
-Getting your projects done : so as an individual you just can’t know everything and
anything regarding a business you just can’t even get everything done by yourself and
maybe you can’t hire paople due to some reason so the how will technology help you
manage your business here ? So this is a very important point when you have just started
the business and don’t have much resources to get all the setup for your work so what would
you do in this condition? Simple if you lack resources of any sort and can’t get them due to
any reason so simply just outsource you work anyone else who have the skill and resources
will get you the job done and you can focus on other parts of your work suppose you are a
content creator and influencer and you don’t know anything about marketing ,influencer
marketing ,video editing ,graphic designing etc you just know what to talk about and how to
talk, and still you want to get started so the easiest way for you is to focus on your particular
skill and get all the rest stuff outsourced a freelancer or a freelancing agency will do the work
for you with your convenience.
So there are a lot more uses to technology as well. We will talk about that someday later but
let’s just first use what we have just learned and manage and grow our business with ease .
Even though there are a lot of things we can do in our business, the biggest thing is to keep
evolving with time getting the best possible solution to your business and constantly
changing with time. This will surely help you get your business to new heights .
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Skill vs Degree a topic which is on a rise ,but why ,why do we ask this question ?,what is the
relevance of this?, why is this in your and everybody’s head ?
So this time the answer is not that simple it’s a little bit complicated it’s very much based on
your career and personal interest and mindset but the basics of this question arises from a
group of people who have a degree but not a job they are not working anywhere or better to
say nobody is hiring them and what they realise after multiple rejection is that they lack the
real skills what you need in the industry they feel a gap between there academia and
industry needs and after a lot of hard work and slaugering even if they get a job they realise
that it’s only what the after college efforts got them here and not the college and they
develop a very strong mindset that college is unnecessary and it’s of no use to waste money
and time on these institutions but this is only one aspect of this now let’s see the second
aspect of this
As I said earlier you need a degree or not or it will be just your skills needs a very
personalised answer .Suppose you want to be a doctor and you are really passionate about
it and have all the qualities of a doctor would you be able to practice with all this even you
have the knowledge of medicine even if you know the art of healing you can’t be a doctor
without a degree it’s very simple now you might say why do we need a degree we can be a
doctor on our own and even if you want to test us you might start a certification program and
we will prove our skill there but my friend this is not how it’s done you have to get a degree in
some cases of because it’s very much necessary .Now you might say it’s just useless but
before judging let’s just dive deep into the philosophy of origin of college and degree.
Why were colleges built and what are colleges ?
So colleges are higher educational institutions built with a thought of training and teaching
people and building a group of experts in a particular field they have to study there and learn
about the subject and to prove that they have learnt what is tought to then they have to pass
exam and get a degree as a proof of their education.
So the concept of colleges was introduced to educate people but if a degree proves your
knowledge and proves the fact that you have learnt what you have been taught then why are
people not getting jobs ?
So a this is due to many reasons
Saturation in jobs : this is a very big factor in not getting a job because there are a lot of
people fighting for the same job and it’s not only about the number it’s about the job and
place as well because in India may be numbers of people is more than the jobs buts it’s not
always true because there is still a big need of people in blue collar jobs and believe me if
you are good at your work you will earn a lot more in these blue collar jobs .
Gap between your academics and industry needs : this problem has arises due majorly
due to lack of quality educational institutions and these quality institutions being
outnumbered by new poor quality institutions a lot of people have an MBA degree or
B.Tech degree by some tier 3 or tier 4 college but do they have the skill ?No. So you need to
realise what you are studying it in theory you must be able to apply it in your thats where the
role of internships come they teach you how to apply your learnings .
Fast changing market needs :so this is a major factor for those who are from good
educational institutions and know the theory as well as practical application of there skill but
still are not getting a job they need or deserve . So this is solely due to the fast changing
market so you see the market was never like this before after the internet boom every
industry have changed and there’s needs have changed significantly as well in this era of
internet so what these people need to do is to constantly upgrade themselves according to
the market or industry this is called the product market fit that you are delivery what you
client wants .
So after all this hustle bustle and long article you might have understood how the system
works but now what is the conclusion? What do we need to do? So to get the best out of you
must learn the theory as well as practical part of your specialisation it will be good if you get
a degree it will help you and to get the practical experience you can get internships online
and offline in the initial days of your degree so that till the time you graduate you don’t feel
out of industry you will have enough of the knowledge and exposure , so that is the best
possible way to get the best out of you . Hope all this information will help you to become
better in your skill .
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How to choose the right career?
So let’s just know first why we need to think so much about choosing a career after all it’s
just a job which will pay us so that we can pay our bills right . But you see this is not true,
because its not all about money it’s about time as well you just can’t spend your time at a
work which you don’t like .So according to the new labour laws of 2022 a person have to
work 48 hours a week and that will be approx 2000 hours if you work just 42 weeks a year
that makes it about 75000 hours in your 35 years of career that about 9 years of life in this
modern era can you thing of working on something which you don’t like and when you have
so much more to do it’s just you have to be aware about your career and goal in life so now
as you have realised the importance of choosing a right career the question is ,How to do so
? So this is a very important question having multiple answers but I m going to tell you the
easiest one .
Here are some tips on how to choose a right career .
Do what you are good at :so this is a very important point in choosing career because
before choosing any career we must realise the fact about how and why we get paid.so the
answer is simple you get paid by some individual ,organisation ,institution etc when you sell
them some product or service or better to say that when they buy your product or avail your
services because you will be selling anything but no one will buy it if your product or service
is not adding any value to their life you should realise that the consumer do not pay you for
the product or the service they pay you for the experience or convenience that your product
provides if you admit this fact then you will excel in any career and for adding value to your
consumers you must be good at what you are doing you must know all the aspects of your
work and must have the knowledge of how to provide the best experience to your consumer
Do what you like : this is the most important thing that you need to realise that you must do
only what you like you might do something that pays you in the short term but you can’t do it
for very long you will do only what you like ,in the long term and believe me guys you will
excel in the field, if you love your job because you won’t be slauggering through it you will be
pursuing your passion and this will be clearly visible in your work there might be a pool of
things you like and make sure you choose only something from the same pool as your
career .
Do what the consumer needs : so again this is also a factor to be considered you have do
what your consumers asks for what your consumers need some times the service or
product you provide is very good but it’s not what the consumer needs
So you need to be very careful about the fact that what you want to pursue as your career is
even relevant or needed in the market or not or if there is a bright expanding future of the
field in the future you have to be careful that what you want to pursue should not be
something that can be easily copied or automated in this modern era of technology and AI
There is another aspect to this point that sometimes you have an innovative idea of
something which is not introduced yet. It might be a product ,service or a profession but you
can think of creating a need for the product ie changing consumer behaviour
like some years back there was nothing like influencer marketing or maybe eSports was not
that famous in the last decade but today it’s on a boom so do ponder on this point carefully.
Read and analyse every aspect of the profession carefully :you need to think twice
before you decide anything and you have to analyse every possible aspect of the profession
by multiple aspect I mean the upcoming opportunities ,work life balance and place where
you can settle down ,saturation in the field believe me finance is also a point to worry but it’s
the last thing you should worry about because if you are among the best in the field you will
be paid well and you will form an agency or firm regarding your field but for this you must be
the best in your field and must be passionate about your work
So do give all these points a deep thought
And hope these all points will help you choose you a career and may you be happy in your
work and be the best in it
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Managing your finances is a big deal in today’s world of filters and flexes. Everybody wants
to be a perfectionist , wants to see their life as they see on social media comparing
themselves and their goodies with that of the influencers but they forget the fact about all
that being sponsored
Today I am writing this blog for those having an average income ie are freshers ,bachelor’s
or among the less income group or may be even the riches.
First if you want to to achieve your financial goal or you want to manage your finances
smartly you have to define your definition of smart finances or or your financial goals .
You have to make financial goals according to your needs and wants and should make a
sureshot break through plan to reach that goal.
Today’s biggest problem in managing finances is that people don’t budget things and buy all
that they like and spending more than they should and end up saving nothing or sometimes
even end up being in debt .
No problem about it all this happens to everyone and remember mistakes are our biggest
teacher they teach us anything to everything we should know .l,but we should realise our
mistake and should be keen to learn
So here are some important you should know to manage your finances smartly .
-Always differentiate between your needs and wants
People these days tend to buy things which they don’t even need and won’t even use it after
buying but tend to buy it because they think they need it ,so to overcome this problem you
need to identify and wants again all the amount you should spend depends on your financial
goal but generally you should not spend more than 20-25 %on you wants
-Save before you spend :So personally this rule is very helpful for me it work for me because
I just can’t resist myself to buy anything l like but also have to save money .so let’s
understand this with an example so suppose there is a guy Aman
who have a monthly of Rs 60000 after all deductions and wants to save at least Rs 24000
but just can’t do it because he ends up buying things which he likes .So to manage his
finances what he does is that he has subscribed to a monthly salary of Rs 24000 so what
happens is that the day Aman gets his salary Rs 24000 are deducted of his salary
automatically and don’t need to worry about his savings for the rest of the month .
(SIP- it stand for systematic investment plans which is a full fledge personalised plan broken
into small monthly installments for your convenience and your personalised financial plans.)
-Become conscious about your finances: you see nothing can help you if you are not
conscious about it. Firstly you need to see what you are doing with your money and where is
it going . May be you’ll find out that you end up buying things which you can’t afford like
car/vehicle, gadgets, clothes, shoes etc all on your credit card or EMI but you don’t feel the
thing that all this is marketing trap lead by those credit card companies and those shoes/
sneakers brands ,personally this is a viscoous cycle in which you enterjust very easily but it
is very hard to take a exit from this cycle of credit card debt and habit of buying things that
are marketed the way you should but it by the smart marketers .
-Investing : now you have learned about saving money but managing finances is not only
about that now you have to invest it ,invest your money in places where your financial goals
are not compromised and you can invest your money in many instruments like mutual funds
,real estate ,index funds,cryto etc.but make sure you first research well about mutual funds
and other instruments .Remember the saying that “Mutual funds are subjected to market
risk”it’s very true so analyse every possible aspect before investing .
One another very important place where you should invest religiously and where you ll get
the highest possible return is investing in yourself, be it anyway physical health ,mental
health,your skill developement or communication skills ,anything which makes you better as
a person investing in that will give you the best and the highest returns not only financially
but also physically and mentaly.
Hope these small changes will help you manage your finances well and make you financially
prosper .
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