Class 7: Data From Excel & Stacked File Copy

In this video, we will learn how to Import data from Ms. Excel to Power BI. We will be working on big data to know the functionalities of Power BI.

Steps to import data from Excel to BI:-

  1. Click on the Excel from the home tab.
  2. Go to the folder and pick you file.

(If the Ms. Excel file has multiple sheets, you can pick your sheet and then Click on Load. All the data from the sheet will load in the right-hand side of the Power BI desktop)

Creating Visualization:-  As you know there is two important things for Visualization.

  1. Integration of data (which we did earlier)
  2. Analysis of data

         We will here learn more about different kinds of charts, and when and where to use what kind of chart.

  • You can break your charts into smaller parts by using small multiples.
  • You can get any numeric data whatever you assigned by using ToolTip when you hover your cursor over any chart.
  • You can show your data according to colors by using Legend.

Conclusion:-  We learned about different charts and how to download Excel files to the Power BI desktop.

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