Class 4: Text Function Part 2 Copy

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Summary: In this class, Jaywant Sir will be explaining Text Functions.

Process: Len: =len(Select the target text)

Exact: =exact(Select the target text 1, Select target text 2)

Search: =search( Type the letter you want to find, select the text you want to find from, and Type where you want to start from)

Replace: =replace( Select the old text, Select where to start from the old text, Type the number of text you want to be replaced from the selected text, Type the new text with which you want the old text to be replaced with)

Conclusion: After completion of this class you will be able to find the length of the text, you will be able to check if the 2 text is the same or not, you will be able to search for the position of the text, and you will be able to change the text.

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