Class 4 Copy

Summary:  In this video, you will learn the different functions of “View Tab”. There are many types of views in PowerPoint and you use these view options according to your need.

Process: There are many view options in the view tab and they are categorized into 7 Parts are Presentation View: Normal View, Outline View, Slide Sorter View, Note Page View, Reading View, Master View: Slide Master, Handouts Master, Notes Master, Show: Rudra, Gridlines, Guides, Notes, Zoom: Zoom, Fit to Window, Color/Greyscale: Color, Grey Scale, Black&White Window: New Window, Arrange All, Cascade, Move split, Switch Windows, Macros. 

Kindly Go through the Video for a better understanding.

Conclusion: You have learned how to present your PowerPoint presentation in a different view with so many features. 

Don’t forget to practice twice.

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