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Class 2: Power BI Architecture Copy

In this class, we will be discussing Powerbi Architecture. You will learn the components of PowerBI architecture.

  1. PowerBI Desktop: Through this application, we will be developing, cleaning, and transforming our report. Irrespective of any platform the data is we can transfer it into power bi desktop
  2. PowerBI Service: This is a cloud-based platform which is provided by Microsoft. Microsoft provides many features in these PowerBI services like Data Security, Data refreshing, and sharing with end-users (end-user should have powerBI service).
  3. PowerBI Mobile: This is an application that you can download on your mobile phone in which you can view your report but edit or development of the report is restricted.

Conclusion: In total, we have learned 3 components of Powerbi architecture in this video i.e PowerBI desktop, PowerBi service, PowerBI Mobile.

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