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Class 1: Introduction To Power BI Copy

Summary: Hello Everyone, In this class, you will be learning about PowerBi. Before learning about any tool you need to first know what is the use of that tool, what is the end objective. PowerBi tool is a visualization tool. Through PowerBi you can convert your data into charts and graphs format.

Process:  First let’s understand data visualization: All the raw data which is generated if we want to analyze that 1st step we need to convert that data into visualization form. As our human mind grabs the pictures, patterns, and signs faster rather than numbers (Raw data).

Data visualization narrates a complete story that will be easier for the other person to understand like higher management.

  1. Integrate: In a company, there are multiple departments and in that multiple teams, multiple products, and multiple services in order to bring all that data together and extract the important data. 
  1. Analyze: To extract the important data we need to do data cleaning, for which first we need to analyze the important data and remove the unwanted data.
  1. Visualize: These are the final steps to present our data in interesting pictures, graphs, and charts.

Conclusion: So overall this process of integrating, analyzing, and Visualizing is called PowerBI (Business Intelligence)

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