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Summary:  In this video, you will learn how to Insert Video clips in your PowerPoint Presentation. You will learn how to trim the video clip, add the different video clips, cut the video clips. You will also learn How to Download video clips.

Process: Click on the Insert tab” and select the “Video” Option and then there are three options: “This Device”, “stock Videos” and “Online Videos” so that you can insert video according to your needs. After inserting Video, when you are selecting the Video then there are two options: display beside the Video option, these are “Video Format” and “playback”. There are many more options in the “Video Format” and “playback” where you can adjust, add, trim, and cut your videos. 

Kindly Go through the Video for a better understanding.

Conclusion: You have learned how to insert Video and how to trim, add, cut video clips, and many more things. This will help you to engage your teammates or clients in the presentation. You can grab their attention with your presentation.

Don’t forget to practice twice.

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