Class 3: Text Function Part 1 Copy

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Summary: In this class, Jaywant Sir will be explaining Text Functions.

Process: Upper: =upper(Select the target data)

Lower: =lower(Select the target data)

Proper: =proper(Select the target data)

Left: =left(Select the target text,Number of characters)

Right: =right(Select the target text, Number of characters)

Mid: =mid(Select the target text, Start number, Number of characters)

Concatenate: =concatenate(Select the target text 1, Select the target text 2)

Conclusion: After completion of this class you will be able to convert a text into uppercase and lowercase, you will be able to convert a text first letter capital, you will be able to

extract a letter from left, right, and middle, and you will be able to join 2 texts.

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